Thursday, September 26, 2019



Brissett has taken full reigns of this offense and we expect to see it displayed more this weekend. Jacoby’s floor fantasy production is comforting AND we have yet to see his ceiling. We can see that this weekend. Stream this guy if you don’t have a top 5 option.

Rodgers has been disappointing especially to those that drafted him (The trade market is abysmal for
him as well.) Rodgers is going up against a PHI DEF this week that has yet to stop a QB, with only a total of 2 sacks on the season. We are looking forward to Rodgers having some fun this Thursday.

Rivers gets to take a vacation in Miami in Week 4 and I look forward to him lighting it up. Rivers has been a viable starter, thus far, with one bad game in DET with a total of 11.92 points. I expect him this week to give you 22 or more points for your team going up against the Dolphins who seem to always take a day off on Sunday, as well as player begging to be traded. No one wants to be on this team.

Freeman has been another guy that has disappointed with his best fantasy production coming against the Colts last week with 12.5 points. Against a middling TEN defense this week he will have the opportunity to remind fantasy players who he is. He will take that 5.5 YPC from week 3 and show what he’s got and build off it.

Mixon is getting his footing this early season. This is the time that he will get close to the production you expected. His offensive line doesn’t do him any favors, but this PIT offensive won’t put up much numbers and their defense won’t be able to stop Mixon as they ride this game out.

Conner has been a huge letdown. We are expecting Mixon and Conner to duke it out in this one and both will give you starting RB numbers. Cincinnati’s defense is not one to write home about and Conner will have a breakout game, as both teams look to rely on their run games.

Chark continues to be one of the most reliable wide receivers in the game. Minshew loves him and his nose for the endzone brings him into WR2 discussion. We do not expect that to change against an overrated DEF in Denver. FIRE HIM UP!

Golladay had an off-game last week. This is not a trend, Golladay will come back to shipshape form and create on the fly against this Chiefs DEF. Stafford will find Golladay and we expect at least one big play from them as the Lions try to keep up with this KC offense. Don’t lose trust.

Kirk has yet to be targeted less than 8 times in a game with two games of 12 targets. Kyler loves to hook up with Kirk and that will not end in Seattle. This should be a battle from the get-go, which will give Kirk plenty of opportunities.

Dissly is a fun start this week. He has sneakily made his way into top 12 TE consideration. His targets have climbed since the beginning of the season, which looks great for those that picked him up. His target total is encouraging for this big target of Russell Wilson. The more Wilson leans on Dissly the more value he will retain in fantasy. Expect Dissly to get at least a couple of those targets in the endzone.

Hooper has been a great receiver for Matt Ryan, so far, averaging at least 8.5 YPC per game. We saw his floor in week two, with 7.4 points, this is great for a lower-end TE and something that’ll make you comfortable starting him up this week with TD potential.


Wentz, after 3 weeks, has been consistent but remains a borderline option. If you have someone to start over him this week, DO IT! The Packers, with their pass rush and secondary, won’t be a good look for Wentz. If you have someone in our START section or even a decent streaming option, we would shoot for them. Offensive lines do not do well on Thursday. This Packer’s pass rush (including Preston Smith who won NFC player of the week last week with 3 sacks) will continually pressure Wentz on TNF. STAY AWAY!

Brady has been stellar, although he hasn’t faced this BUF defense. Brady’s weapons have taken a hit
with losing AB and Edelman nursing an injury. Brady will look to utilize what’s left (like he always does) but it will not translate into fantasy upside. We should see the Patriots leaning more on the backfield in this one. Divert!

Mayfield struggled Monday Night. The Browns came into this season with high hopes and swag. This confidence has diminished and we do not want to be a part of this ride.

Montgomery’s ability to break tackles and create extra yards is what keeps his trade value so high. His play-callers are exactly what tempers our expectations. We will not be relying on him this week and moving forward unless he begins to get at least 15 touches per game.

Watkins got you all the points you need, on your bench, week 1. This was an anomaly; he has spent the last two weeks reminding you who he is. Mecole and Robison are getting the targets without Hill there and we will see this continue. If you need a desperate dart throw this week go ahead. He has a highly risky upside but we advise against starting him.

Diggs needs to sit, for now (and into the coming weeks) unless Kirk starts opening his eye to his WR.

Landry has been somewhat of the odd man out, even with Njoku sidelined with an injury. Baker’s
performance hasn’t done Landry’s fantasy hopes any good and Landry having his best friend Odell on the other side takes away a lot of the upside we have come to rely on in Landry.

Ertz is not himself. I am stacking his QB with Zach. He has not been able to produce, even with Alshon and Desean out. Alshon looks to get back this Thursday that doesn’t help Zach against this Packers DEF. I understand that a lot of you only have him as an option otherwise if you picked Andrews, Waller, Walker, or even Dissly for a backup, put them out there instead.

Howard finds himself to a very risky option. This all depends on depth, if you picked up any of the guys listed under Ertz, you’ll start them. If Howard is your only option, you’ll have to ride the wave.

by Matt Kuri

Tuesday, September 24, 2019



Who do we see the top waiver claims this week?


Wayne Gallman

He should slide into the starting role with the majority of carries in New York with Barkley out for 4-

8 weeks. Saquon suffers from a high ankle sprain which is one of the most difficult injuries to recover from and has the widest range of recovery times. Gallman, as the starter, with Jones under center, should see a decent workload. For those of you who have already handcuffed Saquon kudos! If you have to rely on trying to get him in waivers, good luck, his workload will bring him starting capabilities in your lineups for the coming month a maybe beyond.
Darrell Williams

The aiver claim, on the other hand, is due to injury questions and few answers. If McCoy and Damien do miss more time Williams looks to get the lion's share of carries in this backfield. The Chiefs don't need to rely much on the running game as Mahomes continually lights it up. If you had Damien or McCoy I'd expect that you have other options already.

Rex Burkhead

There seems to be a mixture of RBs roles on the waivers this week. Rex comes in as a Patriots RB
that has gotten passing down work in week 1 and week 3. This will NOT be a trend. James White was a surprise sit in Week 3, which gave Rex extra work. If you feel froggy and need RB depth Rex is an option and in any case, we would stay away from starting Rex unless either White or Sony misses time.

The WRs seem to be somewhat slim this week but here are a few options.

Phillip Dorsett

Dorsett has been productive both games without Antonio Brown. Edelman is dealing with a chest injury and if he were to miss time Dorsett finds himself as a solid fantasy option. Tom Brady seems to be looking for Dorsett on a decent amount of plays getting 7 targets in week 3 and turning it into 6 receptions and a TD. Pick him up if you're starving for a WR, he is currently a boom or bust dependant on targets and TDs.
Taylor Gabriel

We will not be trying to claim Taylor Gabriel. Trubiksy will not bring him any consistency and the target will go to Robinson more often than not. He had a crazy week but this is not a picture for the rest of the season.

There is only one TE left available. Everyone in your league should be set at TE but if youre a team that isn't....

Will Dissly
Wilson seems to love this guy. We saw flashed of him last season and continue to see his chemistry with Russell grow. He could be the last viable TE we see come off waivers this season and would pick him up if you suffer from Howard or Kittle, as a backup spot start.


Daniel Jones

Jones was mentioned in our podcast a few times and is an exciting rookie QB. He is only a rookie and the league seems to figure them out quickly. If you need a start you can ride the Daniel train but in general, we are staying away or perhaps stashing him

Kyle Allen
Allen gets the start again as Cam Newton sits in Week 4. This is a slight bump down from Jones and won't be a starter in fantasy but this waiver guy brings an uptick in potential to his surrounding weapons. Think D.J. Moore, Curtis Samuel, and Greg Olsen. If he can ride this momentum in Week 4 it could be a decent game.

by Matt Kuri

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Off The Cuff

OFF THE CUFF - Saturday Week 3

We are diving deeper into particular players analyzing their "rest of season" (ROS) value

And Here We go.....

Our First Inquire, Waiver WRs

“Gotta fill a WR spot”: options we will look at: Sutton, Sanu, Corey Davis, Marquise Goodwin

Courtland Sutton

Sutton is coming off a season where many thought he would have a bigger role in the passing game. Well, they were a season early on those projections. Flacco brings a steady, strong-arm to Denver. This has bumped Courtland up to a must-add, spot start option. Sutton’s dynasty value will be high, while Flacco is there, and depending on who fills in once Flacco calls it a career.
Sutton has gotten a total of 15 targets and the average of 7.5 would remain his baseline, weekly. His TD output is concerning now but we will begin to see him grab some of those. His potential is through the roof with a 6’3” 218 frame and the ability to use the jump ball skills towards the endzone as well possessing decent speed to get by corners.
He will be someone to follow with the potential to do some big things for you in fantasy.

Mohammed Sanu

Sanu shares the field with Julio Jones as decent support for Matt Ryan. Sanu will only get the leftovers of the passing attack that is known to move the ball.
Sanu is a low floor, low upside guy. Ryan will be looking more towards Julio in the endzone, Sanu was limited to 4 TDs last season and 0 so far this season. His output is solely determined on if the Falcons fall behind in the coming games. Even when they need to rely strictly on the pass game being, across from Julio stunts his limited upside.
With only a few high scoring teams on the schedule, I don’t expect Sanu to hold any fantasy value in STD this season and the coming future, PPR adds a bit more value to him, if at all.

WR Corey Davis TEN

Davis has been a major disappointment for those expecting a breakout fantasy season for him. Unfortunately, Davis is held back by his QB. Mariota is not the guy to get Corey going.  The ability and potential of Corey Davis can only be matched by a few in this league, which is discouraging considering his team.
This is another one of those guys we will stay away from just due to his QB and the number of targets he is averaging is only 4 per game.

WR Marquise Goodwin PIT

Goodwin finds himself in a surprisingly high producing offense with the ball being spread out. Although, Goodwin will continue to see a limited amount of targets each week. If he breaks out one of these games with those targets, we should see his share go up. His history makes him spotty.
He will have bigger games with TDs but we shouldn’t see much change for Marquise in his 7th season.

The Second One, Dynasty/Sleepers

"ROS - Damiere Byrd, Ty Johnson, Diontae Johnson, Daniel Jones, Royce Freeman and DJ Chark. Thanks."

WR Damiere Byrd ARI

Byrd starts 2019 with 7 targets in each of the first two weeks. This WR, who is listed at 5’9” 162 lbs, is seeing the usage he has deserved since he has entered the league. The usage rate is, of course, something to keep an eye on as the season progresses. His injury history and size, unfortunately, will make him more susceptible to missing time, which is something to consider.
If he can remain healthy and sustain his usage rate, this speedy slot receiver could find value at least in dynasty and perhaps in redraft he progresses.

RB Ty Johnson DET
Johnson went from 9% of snaps to 21% in week 2. He could have some carries when Lions are up and potentially some goal-line work but truly limited at this point.
He is not on the waiver radar and ROS he is a handcuff for Kerryon

WR Diontae Johnson PIT
Johnson slides into the slot for the Steelers this week and the future can be bright. Diontae is a rookie out of Toledo who has a strong ability to make defenders miss in the open field. Taking short passes and creating yards after the catch. With 5 and 4 targets through week 1 and week 2 we can expect this to remain with Rudolph stepping into the starting QB position. Just like any other time a rookie QB is a ton of questions just waiting to be answered. Johnson looks to be someone who can get going on short slant and out routes.
This team already has JuJu and Washington on the outside. Johnson can be limited to start out but depending on how well Rudolph takes control, he can see a bump in production.
If Johnson can find a decent share of targets, we could be looking at a nice sleeper with decent deeper league value, as well as great dynasty value.

QB Daniel Jones NYG 
2019 No. 6 Overall draft pick by the Giants. He impressed in the preseason with 85.3% completion rate, 2 TD, 0 INT and a total of 416 yards. Daniel Jones looks to be an upgrade from Eli in both fantasy perspective as well as for this dilapidated team. We expect him to be more efficient in the pass game but could struggle with the team around him. We don’t see Daniel anywhere close to a starter in 1QB leagues and will have to prove himself a bit more to secure a spot in your 2QB leagues.
We expect this offense to rely on Barkley, He could end the season with a ceiling top 15 but with the limited weapons (Engram, Shepard, and Tate due to come back) we don’t see that happening.

RB Royce Freeman DEN
Royce through the preseason proved he is ready to take a bigger role in this offense. With Lindsay not holding his 2018 production level and Flacco being consistent under center we see a continued majority carries going to Royce.
Royce has one of the better upsides of anyone else in a committee. He is currently a high-end RB3 in fantasy

Chark came out Week 1 and destroyed! He and Minshew have proved any doubters wrong three consecutive weeks. Chark’s production through these three weeks looks to be the trend. We are excited to see how this season pan’s out for Chark and the Jaguars.
Chark averages 6 targets 1 TD a game thus far.
Chark is a WR3 with great upside as a young WR. He might not give you much value on the trade market just yet but that’ll change if he and Minshew can keep it going.

Assessing that high draft cost RB

@Chr1sd1az: Mixon ROS

RB Joe Mixon CIN

Mixon is a highly skilled RB. This man would be a beast on any team with a decent offensive line. Unfortunately, we have to witness this man stuck on a team that will not be able to give him any room to express the skills he possesses on any sort of consistency.
Mixon rest of season COULD end up on the back end of the top 25 RBs. This might be a hot take, especially for those that drafted in the 1st-2nd round this season. We see him having the ability of a top 5 guy. Too bad its a team sport.

These are the RBs I have over Mixon right now, in no particular order:
Cook, Barkley, Bell, Elliott, D. Johnson, Kamara, Henry, Chubb, K. Johnson, Ekeler, Gurley, A. Jones, Ingram, Josh Jacobs

Mixon rest of season is my 15th RB, with top 10 potential. Don't panic just yet but would sell if you get a chance after one of his bigger games.

by Matt Kuri

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Leonard Fournette
Leonard has yet to prove himself with your 2nd round pick in the draft. It’s difficult to sit someone with that kind of value and potential but against the Titans who held Mack to 2.5 YPC in week 2. If you have the option to sit this man, do it.

Phillip Lindsay
Philip hasn’t proved that he can muscle carries away from Royce and this split backfield is not one to play with now. The Phillip of last season is not here to stay.

Damien Williams  
Another split backfield, another headache. McCoy will get the touches and we know it is difficult to sit a running back that you drafted in the 2nd round, but this is the time to do it!

Mark Ingram
Ingram has been productive thus far this season. He has been able to break off some nice runs which have helped his fantasy production. As this passing attack keeps pace, we will see Ingram struggle with his 3.6 YPC. Ingram has not had to handle a backfield to himself since 2016. We expect to see him need more from Gus Edwards and Justice Hill as Ingram is on the older side for a running back. The Chiefs have a rebuilt DEF but they will look to stop him up.

Stefon Diggs
This one hurts. Drafting a guy in the 2nd-3rd round and by the 3rd week you are looking for other options. In the offseason, a lot of fantasy
guys were saying this is the year he takes over. The young miracle man has yet to show any ounce of supernatural. The offense now runs through Dalvin Cook. For the foreseeable future, this won’t change.

Brandin Cooks
This man has been hard to trust for those of us that got him in the 3rd-4th rounds this season. On top of trailing in targets(10) to both Kupp(19) and Woods(15), we don’t see that changing against a top-level pass defense in Cleveland. Cooks will be hampered once again, hopefully Week 4 will treat him and Goff well.


Devonta Freeman
This guy has worked to shake the rust in these two weeks. We should see him come out week 3 and show who he really is against the Colts in Week 3. Do not panic with this guy. We are holding him for now and firing him up this week. The Falcons will need to rely on him in IND as they hope you jump out early with their weapons in the passing game.

Sony Michel
Michel showed up in week 2. This is a performance that’ll be close to his expected output.  The Patriots going up against another woeful AFC east opponent this week. The Jets could not stop Chubb in Week 2, Sony will get carries once again at home as the Patriots look to destroy the Jets.

David Montgomery
Earning more touches and proving to Nagy that he deserves them in Week 2. Montgomery will produce on a steady basis this season with this amount of carries. Mont is towards the top when it comes to rookie potential amongst young RBs. Going from 6 carries to 18 in one week shows Nagy wants to get him the ball in Washington.

Marquise "Hollywood" Brown
Initially, he was a boom/bust option in Week 2. He has shown himself to be consistent as one of Lamar’s top targets in this short season. Start him, if you need upside or you are just thin at WR.

Emmanuel Sanders
This one is one of the more obvious ones as Flacco found him for 11 REC on 13 TAR this week. Look for Emmanuel to get his targets against the Packers this week as they will have to try to keep up with Rodgers, Adams, and Aaron Jones.
Sanders is the guy in DEN.

@Its_Just_TrevC: “Royce Freeman or Miles Sanders” (Week 3)
We are looking at two RBs with high potential coming into week 3.
Royce has shown to be productive enough to take more control of the backfield in week 3 and beyond. The defense he is facing in GB is a formidable one with their new DL(Smiths) and secondary(Amos, Savage)
Miles Sanders and Royce have each gained around 10 carries each game and the game script will orchestrate what we will see from Sanders specifically. The Eagles have lost both of their starting wide receivers(Alshon Jeffery and Desean Jackson) which could either mean they will have to chuck the ball consistently or hopefully gain control of the game early on against the Lions and lean on Sanders
Royce and the Broncos will be facing one of the best teams in the league right now in the Packers. We should see the need to air it out thus causing us to lean on Sanders which could find himself in a maintained game that could be whoever manages possession time wins.

@Sampz_541:  “Is kamara for Chubb a fair trade?” (ROS)
Kamara and the Saints have lost Brees until what looks like Week 10. This will affect the production of a running back who is one of the most skilled in the league. We should see while Teddy Bridgewater, with potentially Hill, taking over leaning on Alvin and Michael Thomas as their playmakers. His ceiling is not disturbed by this move.
Chubb last night was impressive which will be an example of what he will produce every week. He has the upside as a top 5 RB in this high powered offense with weapons galore.
Kamara will remain a solid top 5 option ROS and Chubb have that potential. Is this a fair trade, yes if the person getting him sees his potential as locked down, Kamara has nothing to prove and will remain the STUD that he is.

@SageGold_: “Hollywood Brown or Juju” (Week 3)
This is a question that no one saw coming while we entered this season. We were high on Hollywood(Marquise Brown) coming into the season but nowhere near where JuJu’s floor was.
JuJu moving into midseason without Big Ben and onto the unknown. It could be difficult to trust anyone, including JuJu. The bright side is that Rudolph and JuJu showed chemistry right away with a deep pass for 45 yards in the third quarter. Rudolph will look to rely on his playmaker as well as his big target up the middle in Vance McDonald.
Marquise Brown is a start for us this week proving himself as a pivotal piece of this rolling offense captained by Lamar Jackson. We are on the earlier side to trust a rookie WR but he has earned it.
JuJu will be a start between the two. There could be other WRs that we would start over him as a high-end WR2, where Hollywood remains in the upside WR3 tier for us.

@GauleGary: "Flex start Singletary, Jacobs, or McLaurin. WR Jones, Gordon, or Samuel?"
Curtis Samuel has the highest floor and greatest upside of the bunch.
McLaurin is proving to be a viable flex option week to week as well, we would like to see more of him before we are totally confident to put him there.
With Singletary dealing with hamstring issues and well as Jacobs banged up on the road. We wouldn't start them this week. Hold them and see what the injury updates say. Singletary dealing with soft tissue issues and Jacobs could see a cut back of work due to being beaten up through 2 weeks.
Josh Gordon could continue to be lost on this offensive juggernaut, in the Patriots.
Samuel and then McLaurin

"Pick one def/st...
Also rank ROS...

The Bears coming into this season had high hopes fantasy-wise. Last season these were the juggernauts on DEF. They find themselves with two weeks of a total of 14 points with opponents Green Bay and Denver. They show up with their pass rush and cause less poised QBs into mistakes, and challenging even veteran guys into mistakes. Hopefully, as the season goes on they will get the turnovers needed to be a top DEF
The Pats are never a shock when it comes to the offensive side of the ball. This can distract from the fact that they also put formidable defenses out there year in year out. They have shown extremely impressive against the Steelers and of course the Dolphins. This defense will garner attention when talking about top DEFs since they play in the AFC East.
Vikings were not able to pressure Aaron Rodgers into INT with a couple that could've gone they're way. We see them as a must-start option as they are high flying.

Abilities to cause turnovers and sacks all bring great options to your fantasy teams.
1. Patriots, even aside from them torching the Dolphins.
2. Vikings have a forgiving schedule, although not as much as NE, with only PHI, KC, DAL and GB in fantasy playoffs as the top offenses they will face.
3. Bears have it a bit more rough but should put up consistent numbers, with MIN, NO(Teddy), LAC, PHI, LAR, and KC in week 16.

@gayla_donnelly: Keep Mack in the flex spot ? I’m thinking yesss(options: A. Robinson, D. Metcalf, J. Ross III, R. Mostert)

Mack continues to be a top tier RB. This was displayed by his performance in week 1. He will have his off weeks just like any RB in the league. The options you have on your bench for this flex spot are realistically Allen Robinson and John Ross II, with maybe Mostert later in the season.

Robinson hasn't created enough this year to be considered a start. Hopefully, Trubisky will target his big weapon more often.

John Ross III is your best option off the bench. He has proved himself as the WR1 in CIN and that doesn look to stop until AJ Green gets back. If you need the upside Ross can give you that although Mack's consistency shouldn't be shaken by his struggle in Week 2.

@TRyan45320: "Alright well I got one of the two players I was going after. So my issue is who should I play at QB, Carr or Minshew? Carr let’s me down a lot so don’t know who I should trust more him or minshew."

Minshew is stable with his weapons. But will struggle on Thursday. Carr won't give you enough again this week and definitely not on a weekly basis, he is droppable.
Between the two Minshew.

@thebarrydogg: “Engram at TB or Andrews at KC”
This is a fantasy player’s dream. Do I play the highest scoring TE in two weeks(Andrews) or the second-highest scoring(Engram)? What a conundrum!
Flip a coin, my dude!

P.S. @thebarrydogg is one of our first supporters! His roster is nuts, obviously.

by Matt Kuri

Any further questions on start/sit or trade potentials keep us posted!
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Waivers Week 3

Waivers Week 3

Scary Terry McLaurin

He was featured on our list last week and here he is again with 52% owned in yahoo and 41% in ESPN leagues. This man is a must add, if he is available in your league. 90% or higher snap percentage in the first two weeks, 7 targets first week, 9 in week two, Case loves this guy and you should too! Scoop him up!
23.5 PPR points his first week and backed that performance up with 17.2 points in week 2.

Demarcus Robinson

Demarcus exploded for 172 yards on only 6 targets/6 receptions. With Tyreek out we could see more of Robinson. He had the exact same amount of targets as Hardman and did much more with it in this one. This type of production is not sustainable and will be a high upside guy for us going forward albeit a risky one of course.

Mecole Hardman 

Mecole Hardman is a guy to pick up, especially if you are holding onto Tyreek while he is recovering from his collarbone injury. As Tyreek is out, Mecole will get a bump in targets. Depending on what he does those targets we can see him earn more even when Tyreek returns. He is an add if you have the room and in deeper leagues strong option.

John Brown

If Brown is available in your league, stash him. He will continue to be the #1 in BUF ahead of Beasley and company. Josh Allen has leaned on him. Keep an eye on his targets, they should remain steadier than they have in the past. He was spotty to begin his career in ARI and last season with the Ravens. Now that he has a solid QB as well as being the most trusted target for Allen, get him, while you can.

Devin Smith

Another wide receiver that receives more work due to injury. Michael Gallup was banged up in this one. He is looking to be out for 2-4 weeks with a meniscus trim surgery. Smith and Cobb will have more work into the next couple weeks, Cobb seeing a bigger load.

D.J. Chark

Another guy that was featured in our article last week. His targets went from 4 in week 1 to 9 targets in week 2. With Minshew in, it looks these two will connect on a consistent basis, although Chark’s fantasy day was padded with a TD, he is assuredly worth a stash and see. Keep in mind, he showed up on injury report with an ankle issue, does not seem serious.

Randall Cobb

With Gallup looking to be out for two to four weeks to trim his meniscus, we can see a lot more slot targets going Cobb’s way. We have already seen what that’ll look like for a team with Prescott at the helm. Cobb is known to be a strong slot receiver who will be flexible to whatever the Cowboys need as Gallup recovers.

Nelson Agholor

Nelson gets a chance to show what he's got if Alshon and Desean miss time on the Eagles. Wentz will find Nelson on a consistent basis. Agholor has shown he can bear some of the load and potentially lead the team in targets alongside Ertz in the coming weeks.


Jaylen Samuels

With Conner nursing his knee this week, Jaylen will once again see an uptick in touches. This would be a speculative add and not someone to lean on until we have further news on Conner.

 T.J. Yeldon

Another RB that could see action after an injury. Singletary went out with what appears to be hamstring issues. We witnessed Yeldon take full advantage of his opportunities last year when Fournette dealt with the same type of injury. Odd how this is what we are seeing again. Gore would still be the lead back in this backfield but Yeldon can turn in on when called on.

Raheem Mostert

This is the man that is a must-add out of all of these RBs. Mostert will continue to prove his potential to this coaching staff. Mostert is already showing he will produce fantasy points in a split backfield. Breida is consistently beaten up during games and the coaching staff will lean more on Mostert to give Breida rest.


With both Ben Roethlisberger and Brees going down this week there will be a lot of you who need help at QB. If you haven’t had any luck in trade talks we have a few guys who will do. You should as well consider streaming QBs if you’re up to that, shoot us a tweet if you’d like guidance on how to go about it.

Josh Allen

With his combined capability of rushing and passing, it gives him a solid week to week value as a fantasy QB. Some weeks could look unappealing although he will hold steady in your QB spot.

Andy Dalton

The Red Rifle has returned to produce back to back 19 or more fantasy points to open the season. He might not have been someone you’d look to in drafts,  he has shown top 12 QB value. His new weapon, John Ross III and the building of chemistry with Boyd for the past season and then some puts him in a place to bring you a decent floor starting QB.


There are some of you(who own Howard or maybe freaking out about Hockenson and the FAAB you spent on him) that might be looking at waivers, again, in the hope to find some gold. Sorry, most leagues you will not find it at TE in week 2. With Andrews and Waller probably being picked up last week(WE TOLD YOU) all you will find at this point is guys like Vernon Davis, Jack Doyle, Will Dissly, who can blow up one week and then dumpster dive for the next one. If you really have to reach for someone at this point, we hope for you that Greg Olsen or Jimmy Graham is there. Both should hold somewhat steady targets and bring you okay floor low ceiling type weeks.

by Matt Kuri

Thursday, September 12, 2019



Our start/sit article is here to help you make those tough decisions. As always, your studs will not be featured here. NO Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, CMC, or Nuk. These are guys you might have just picked up or guys chillin on your bench that you can fire up this week. 

And Here We Go.........


Jared Goff 
Goff upset you last week. Yes, I know, I suffered right along with you with his measly 9.44 points. Let’s not forget who this team is and their head coach. This is not going to be the trend. Goff will look to go out there and find the tremendous trio: Woods, Cooks, Kupp in this one. He will need to, while facing the Saints in week 2. Fire him up! Remember who he is.
Cam Newton
Cam is in the process of shaking off the rust. Look for him to show off some of his superman abilities in Week 2 as the Buccaneers come into town.

Lesean McCoy
McCoy finds himself with his old coach and everything went swell in week 1. There was a decent split between him and Williams to start the season but McCoy proved he still has the wheels(and the paycheck) to produce with those opportunities.

Devin Singletary
This is an RB that I expect to get more carries in Week 2 and he will make the best of them against the Giants!

WR Allen Robinson
If you paid attention at all to opening night Trubisky, who can struggle, trusts Allen Robinson and he gave him all the reason to. You know who faded into no receptions week 1? Anthony Miller, it is the Robinson-Cohen show.

Josh Gordon and Tom Brady will light it up this week against the Dolphins. Patriots just don't stop making statements and they love destroying their division opponents, they don't got rivals.

T.J. Hockenson
We are not expecting such a huge game again from Hockenson, that would be unreasonable...what IS reasonable is that he plays just about every snap and continues to fit in perfectly on a team that spent the FAAB to pick him this week, oh and the Lions.

Mark Andrews

We are high on Andrews. He's the good stuff, with Lamar delivering those targets. Start him with confidence against the Cardinals.


Jameis Winston
I have to contain my fan-hood of this guy and the fact that I have him in multiple leagues, I would like to think he wont stick like last week, but this defense will contain him and his weapons again this week, look to stream someone and see when Jameis gets going

Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber
they are fringe flex/bench players as is and this split will not help either one, touches is king in fantasy and this is a backfield destined to be split between them and Ogunbowale.

Sterling Shepard
Stay away from this NYG passing game for now. Eli can’t give to Shepard with the top corner week 2 against this formidable DEF against the pass

David Njoku 
Njoku did not have a good game, yardage wise, with only 37 yards last week, the TD saved his game, the struggle should continue Monday night against the Jets. It is the Odell show with Landry supporting, Njoku is the odd man out this week and the foreseeable future.

by Matt Kuri
with excerpts from Nathan Yates

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Waivers for Week 2


First Week waivers are here! We have seen one week of football and we are jumping around. This season should bring us shockers as well as duds that we weren't expecting as a fantasy community. We plan on being as prepared and well studied as possible to bring you a weekly column that'll help you adjust your rosters every week to bring the best into each week. Keep in mind while you read that we do not want you dropping top level guys that had a rough week. We encourage you to assess your roster by need and by guys you CAN drop, not guys who your seriously under valuing and on a whim drop them for a boom/bust guy on the waivers. 

In this article we assess each of these guys on a standard of how consistent they will be and what the ceiling looks like for each. We aren't here to make your decisions for you, we are here to educate you on the options so that you can make the right move.


WR Marquise "Hollywood" Brown
Hollywood Brown has exploded on the scene bringing one of the top scoring games Week 1. Coming out of college he showed off his breakaway speed and plays in the open field. We saw all of that and more out of him this week. Our expectations are that the Ravens have fully embedded him in what they want to do this season on offense. Although, the running game got started first play with a 50 yard rush by Mark Ingram which helped the Ravens have space to chuck the ball around. Will Lamar Jackson keep up pace against Arizona this week or will we see him having to tame it down and rely on his 3 RBs? Only time will tell, for now Brown with only 5 receptions in this one can bring a huge ceiling when he has receives more of the target share.

WR Chris Conley
Conley entered the league in 2015 with the Chiefs and spent the next 3 seasons there. This is his first season with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He came out to show the Chiefs what he can do when he is used properly. The Jaguars' game plan in this one was spread the ball out early on. While forcing the ball to Dede through the game, Conley and Chark made the most of their targets. Chark also showed a great deal of awareness and ability all the while Conley lead the team in receptions, due to Minshew coming in for an injured Nick Foles. We saw Minshew rely on Conley to get the ball out on underneath routes and chunk yardage plays. Conley looks to be a piece of this offense, especially as Minshew starts at QB. In PPR, Conley will be the good add this week, while Chark seems to be more a big play guy with boom/bust tendencies, better in STD scoring.

WR Terry McLaurin shows promise as a third round pick by the Washington Redskins. He gained 125 yards on only 5 receptions. Following the two guys on this list for a reason. We do not know how much Case Keenum will actually target him on a week-to-week basis and will consider him a fringe stash if you have the space for a rookie WR with a nice ceiling.


WR John Ross III
          With A.J. gone Ross slides in as the #2 WR in CIN with Tyler Boyd as the #1 big frame guy. Ross will show off his speed when he is let loose, hopefully he can also get slant targets up the middle to see how he does after the catch.He is the type of player that got the Red Rifle going in this one and if this WR/QB chemistry grows we should see WR2 production with potential WR1 ceiling.

Danny Amendola
Danny got 13 targets and turn that into 7 receptions, 104 yds and a TD. This level of targets with only catching just over 50% is not a great look. If he can continue to have Stafford to target him he will hold value. If you need a WR to give you those PPR points Amendola can be an option after the WR listed above, although we dont see that target share to remain with Golladay, Jones, and Hockenson on board.

RB Malcolm Brown
Malcolm Brown did the most with his opportunities in the Rams offense this week. Darrell Henderson is still developing and Gurley, dealing with arthritis in his knee, makes Brown susceptible to limited touches and low floor. There are many questions in the backfield, the consistency that Brown will bring is not promising. When he gets the carries we have seen what he can do getting those goal line carries.

RB Giovani Bernard
Gio finds himself in a spot to be productive due to Mixon being banged up. Mixon, luckily for you guys that have him, did not suffer a broken bone or anything torn and should play next week. Gio slides in as a top level handcuff for a guy who is consistently nursing something.

T.J. Hockenson
This man came out and PRODUCED. He broke the record for a TE receiving yards in his debut game. The Lions week has shown that they play on getting Hockenson the ball. Typically TEs come into their career on blocking assignments and getting to know their offense. Not Hockenson, who is a decent blocker out of college, he came out shooting. He lit up the ARI defense, although they are one of the weakest DEF in the league we should see the Lions finding ways to get their rookie going on offense. Pick him up, with floor around #10 TE and top 3 TE if this week has anything to say about that.

Mark Andrews
He was climbing up rankings through preseason while we witnessed how Lamar Jackson can use him. His ability to get get open and make catches have launched him into top 10 TE conversation with upside that is unseen at the moment. We look forward to see how this pans out but look for him on your waiver if you can get Hockenson.

Darren Waller was a trendy pickup coming into this one. With AB leaving town there will be more targets to spread out between him and Tyrell Williams. The rest of these guys on the roster wont see huge targets but could start producing a bit more, Hunter Renfrow and Ryan Grant.

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by Matt Kuri