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Our start/sit article is here to help you make those tough decisions. As always, your studs will not be featured here. NO Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, CMC, or Nuk. These are guys you might have just picked up or guys chillin on your bench that you can fire up this week. 

And Here We Go.........


Jared Goff 
Goff upset you last week. Yes, I know, I suffered right along with you with his measly 9.44 points. Let’s not forget who this team is and their head coach. This is not going to be the trend. Goff will look to go out there and find the tremendous trio: Woods, Cooks, Kupp in this one. He will need to, while facing the Saints in week 2. Fire him up! Remember who he is.
Cam Newton
Cam is in the process of shaking off the rust. Look for him to show off some of his superman abilities in Week 2 as the Buccaneers come into town.

Lesean McCoy
McCoy finds himself with his old coach and everything went swell in week 1. There was a decent split between him and Williams to start the season but McCoy proved he still has the wheels(and the paycheck) to produce with those opportunities.

Devin Singletary
This is an RB that I expect to get more carries in Week 2 and he will make the best of them against the Giants!

WR Allen Robinson
If you paid attention at all to opening night Trubisky, who can struggle, trusts Allen Robinson and he gave him all the reason to. You know who faded into no receptions week 1? Anthony Miller, it is the Robinson-Cohen show.

Josh Gordon and Tom Brady will light it up this week against the Dolphins. Patriots just don't stop making statements and they love destroying their division opponents, they don't got rivals.

T.J. Hockenson
We are not expecting such a huge game again from Hockenson, that would be unreasonable...what IS reasonable is that he plays just about every snap and continues to fit in perfectly on a team that spent the FAAB to pick him this week, oh and the Lions.

Mark Andrews

We are high on Andrews. He's the good stuff, with Lamar delivering those targets. Start him with confidence against the Cardinals.


Jameis Winston
I have to contain my fan-hood of this guy and the fact that I have him in multiple leagues, I would like to think he wont stick like last week, but this defense will contain him and his weapons again this week, look to stream someone and see when Jameis gets going

Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber
they are fringe flex/bench players as is and this split will not help either one, touches is king in fantasy and this is a backfield destined to be split between them and Ogunbowale.

Sterling Shepard
Stay away from this NYG passing game for now. Eli can’t give to Shepard with the top corner week 2 against this formidable DEF against the pass

David Njoku 
Njoku did not have a good game, yardage wise, with only 37 yards last week, the TD saved his game, the struggle should continue Monday night against the Jets. It is the Odell show with Landry supporting, Njoku is the odd man out this week and the foreseeable future.

by Matt Kuri
with excerpts from Nathan Yates

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