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Kirk Cousins
Against his old team, the Redskins. If Kirk were to find Diggs in a game this would be it. I'd imagine most of his points coming in the first half as the Vikings should take the lead. If Redskins can keep up as well, they do have decent weapons, Vikings will be all the happier with Kirk slinging it.
Royce Freeman
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The split in this backfield has almost become 50/50. Royce is the back I want this week. He continues to impress and due to this makes sure they put him on the field. They will lean more on their backfield as they have traded Emmanuel. Start Royce.
Devante Parker
Parker has scored in three consecutive games. He is quietly putting together a string of games that
have put him in WR3 discussion so if due to bye you need someone for flex, he should be available.
TJ Hockenson
TJ has gotten a consistent amount of targets every game. These targets are value going up against this Giants defense. Stafford has had a decent season looking for Golladay and Marvin. The Giants will focus on schemes that stop up the two WRs and leave Hockenson down the middle with some room. I'm calling for a TD this game and around 50 yards receiving for TJ.
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Harrison Butker
This GB defense should force KC into situations to settle for a FG and Butker will be the beneficiary
Jaguars DEF
This defense continues to create pressure and turnovers. The Jets team they are facing in week 8 will allow them to once against force fumbles as well as interceptions. Play these guys if you have a chance.


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Kyler Murray
Saints defense is scary. He will not be able to be so free with the ball. The last few weeks he has dealt
with straight-up bad defenses. This has made him look like an every-week start. Don’t be fooled. Last week he scored a total of 6.96 points in STD scoring. Kyler will continue to struggle this week and I would stay away.
Jamaal Williams
Jamaal’s production has come down to big plays in the passing game. These will be hit and miss. Jamaal is known for being somewhat streaky and he solely depends on how the game plays out. That is not the type of player that I trust. The game this week against the Chiefs will be a different story with Matt Moore. They won’t have the ability to score as efficiently and I can see this game coming down to the run game on both sides. That means Aaron Jones will be utilized and Jamaal will be stuck behind. Don’t count on the iffyness.
Emmanuel Sanders
Bringing him into San Francisco does not help his fantasy value. He will be behind Kittle in targets and Pettis will not just disappear. If you watched the Niner’s game last week they were run-heavy and should continue to be with a defense that doesn’t let any game get out of hand. Sanders is coming from an offense that needed to pass the ball and those targets showed up for Sanders. This move is good for Manny, but not good for his fantasy players.
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Greg Olsen
Aside week 2 and 3 Olsen hasn’t put up enough numbers or consistency to earn a starting spot. There
are several fliers that I would prefer to go with. If Herndon comes back this week, and Gerald Everett offers an upside that I would prefer to play this week as well. Stay away from Olsen and move on if possible.
Robbie Gould
Do not start Gould in week 8. He has yet to give you anything close to starting numbers and there are plenty of options on the waiver. Pick someone else up.
Eagles DEF
They have given you a total of 4 points over the course of the last 2 weeks. They will not have fun against this Bills defense. If you are still holding onto them, move. Pick someone else up and even consider streaming. If you have questions on how to go about that DM us on twitter or send us a question through our website


“A Ekeler or J Jacobs. ½ pt PPR”
Josh Jacobs has progressed in the way he is used in this offense. The introduction into the passing game takes Jacobs from a somewhat decent starter to a player with top 5 upside. If the trend of receptions continue, fantasy players will be thrilled. Ekeler has found his place in this offense even with Gordon coming back. He has been the most reliable and consistent back between the two. This split and possessing no upside in redzone carries makes me hold back on my expectations for Ekeler this week. Go with Jacobs.
“Which three WR would you start out of Robinson, J Brown, Boyd, Marvin Jones and Sanu?”
Allen Robinson has earned a place on your roster every week. He is a high-end WR2 as of now. Tyler Boyd, even with Ross taking over in the first couple weeks of the season, has proved himself as the #1 in CIN and Dalton finds him over and over. Boyd averages over 10 targets per game, and that’s where my confidence will rest. Marvin will be boom or bust, who knows when he will get those solid games? Sanu is an interesting receiver to keep an eye on and be thankful to have him stashed with this move to the Patriots. Although the Patriots’ passing game hasn’t needed to be utilized since their defense is a juggernaut. Allen Robinson and Boyd are your starters with J Brown as your flex guy. I would be thrilled to have this set of WR, good work.
“Kyler or wentz?”
As I explained in this article, Kyler will struggle this week. Rookies tend to reach their wall during their first season, and he did last week. However, he will be a consistent option because they need to throw the ball in Arizona. Wentz should also struggle this week against this Buffalo defense and his receivers just don’t catch the ball. I would stay away from both if that’s an option otherwise I lean Murray due to pass attempts and his legitimate targets.
Obj(at NE) Tyreek (vs GB) Sutton (at ind) Kirk (at NO) Damien Williams (vs GB)
 Pick 3…”
Tyreek, even against the Packer defense, has the upside that is unmatched by anyone else in this league. You can’t sit him even if he has Matt Moore going up against a difficult matchup. Courtland has earned a spot on your starting lineup every week. With Sanders leaving it will result in an even greater target share for Sutton. The third option is difficult. Odell is your third option, even against this crazy DEF. Damien has essentially faded into the abyss and Kirk’s ankle injury hinders both his likelihood to play and his fantasy production if he does. I would go Odell with your third.
“.5 ppr Tevin Coleman or jamaal Williams”
Tevin Coleman. Jamaal is a sit for me due to spotty fantasy production. He has been propped up by his long receiving plays which I don’t see happening this week. Coleman has claimed the role SF after getting back from injury and this game will be on the ground.
“Latavius Murray, Tevin Coleman, or Ty Johnson(PPR)”
The fact that you have these three options is amazing. The waiver moves have treated you well. I like Coleman as more of a flex option. Ty will have a workload that’ll give you solid numbers and unlimited upside, however, he is risky. Latavius Murray and his carries seem to be a constant with Kamara out and that is where you’ll find most reliable fantasy numbers.
“Pick 2 for standard: Latavius Murray, Sony Michel, Ty Johnson, David Johnson, James White”
As I explained in the last question even amongst these option Latavius and his usage in the Saints backfield will be a sweet start in week 8. They are hosting the Cardinals and will rely on the run game to secure the win. DJ on the other hand, isn’t likely to play, especially with Edmonds filling in, they don’t have to rush him back. Sony Michel will get the carry load in NE as well as getting the redzone carries and should get into the endzone at least once. Ty Johnson and his usage could be reliant on game script. Ty is a stash and a player with the potential to compete for RB2 numbers for the rest of the seaosn. The questions hold him back from that starting spot just yet, the unknown upside is what makes him intriguing. I would go with Latavius Murray and Sony Michel.

By Matt Kuri

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