Thursday, November 7, 2019


You have sent your dilemmas in and I am chopping them up!
Thank you to all of you for the questions and good luck this week!
-Matt Kuri @MKuriFF

League #1, PPR: flex position, Tyler Lockett (ugh, the 49ers D or this wouldn't even be a question) or Tevin Coleman
League #2, PPR: flex position, Matt Breida or Jamison Crowder (DK Metcalf on my bench b/c of Niners D again)
#1 You should stick to your guns with Lockett, he is matchup proof. Wilson will continue to be one of the most efficient QBs giving the efficient Lockett an even greater upside.
#2 I understand the Metcalf sit, it only makes sense. As far as Breida and Crowder, I would lean Breida due to the upside of his touches.
Renfrow, Parker, Anderson, full PPR.
Devante Parker has held consistent throughout the last few weeks and he would be a decent start. Robby Anderson with Sam Darnold has more of an upside player but riskier. Robby has three consecutive games without reaching 45 yards or a TD. Renfrow, on the other hand, has caught a TD in two straight games. These are less reliable than what Parker has to offer to average close to 5 receptions a game and getting a TD in 4 of the last 5 games, I would roll with Parker this week.
Pascal, Singletary, Mack, need to leave one out
Mack and Singletary with their usage are your high floor guys. I expect both to get you around RB2 numbers. Singletary proved this last game that he is fully back from the hamstring injury and those 20 carries helped his fantasy guys. Mack looks to have the same amount of usage as Devin but his consistency is difficult to rely on. Pascal has slid right into the WR1 spot in IND and with Brissett looking like he will play this week should lean on him through this game. I like the combo of Singletary and Pascal, even though it feels funny sitting Mack.
HalfPPR :
Mixon (vs Bal), Damien Williams (at Ten), RoJo (vs Atl), OBJ (vs Buf), Tyreek (at Ten), Kirk (at TB),
One out, who??
I will say right off the bat that Tyreek is the ONLY must start in this bunch. The rest are difficult to wade through. Damien was saved last week with a 91-yard TD, he will be unreliable. RoJo has claimed the starting role, finally, in Tampa Bay, I am comfortable starting him. OBJ hasn’t been the one we go to as a WR1 anymore but offers that upside that could pay off. Kirk hasn’t given enough production to consider starting every week but he also has good upside with Kyler delivering the ball. Mixon is near the same outlook as Damien but his usage is more reliable as the starter without a split. Out of all these guys I would be sitting Damien.
Which two to start? Kirk vs Tampa, OBJ vs Buffalo , Tate vs Jets
Tate, out of these three, is a definite start. He provides a consistent line and continues to show why he is the #1 in New York, even when Sterling Shepard suits up. The other two is where the struggle is. Kirk had a very quiet week 9 and OBJ hasn’t been himself in Cleveland. If the Browns are to ever get it going it’ll be on the back of Chubb and Odell. Whenever you start OBJ, you are betting it’s the week Baker wakes up and hits his dude. Kirk, on the other hand, will be the beneficiary of an offense that relies on the passing game. DJ is back, with Drake being impressive in the run last week, this should open more lanes for Kyler to find his #1 in Kirk. I would go with Kirk and Tate, sitting OBJ. If you feel you need the upside that OBJ can potentially show, I wouldn’t be against you starting him.
Flex (PPR) Pascal, Coleman, or Ekeler?
Pascal. I have talked about him above. He is the #1 in Ind and with Brissett playing I have no worries that he will give you top 20 numbers. He has proved himself valuable and if his targets remain in that 6-7 range, which he should I like his upside. Ekeler is your floor guy. He will get those targets out of the backfield and has games where they use him running the ball.
Jaylen samuels or golden Tate in a flex .5 ppr
Tate has shown great especially when we consider how consistent he has been since he has joined the team after suspension. Jaylen Samuels, without Conner playing, has shown to be a solid RB2 with RB1 upside. When it comes to usage there are few that match him. I would go with Samuels.
Daniel Jones or Jared Goff if Patrick M KC cant go!?!
Jared Goff has given us a consistent 20 points per game over the last two and has only one stinker this season. Daniel Jones is lucky to give you 15 points which he has done only 3 times this season. Go with Goff.
Rivers or Kyler Murray?
I would go with Murray. The matchup this week is sweet and he will get the ball out to DJ, CK, and LF. Rivers has posted around 10 points for a couple games straight and Murray’s upside alone puts him in QB1 consideration.
Sammy Watkins or Mark Andrews in flex
Mark Andrews has hit a snag of sorts after opening the season hot. Sammy hasn’t shown much either since week 1. Sammy over the last two games has gotten 8 and 10 targets. When it comes to making a decision who to start, with limited upside, I go straight to targets. Sammy should get more and if Mahomes makes his return that bodes even better for Sammy.
Which 2 should i start between Pascal, Boyd, and Tyrell Williams?
Pascal and Boyd, as their teams #1, deserve the start. Tyrell is behind Waller as well as Renfrow has come onto the scene. Carr can’t hold up many targets. This is the time to start Pascal and be happy with it.
1-Jacoby Brissett (if he plays) or Matthew Stafford?
2-FLEX Jaylen Samuels or Matt Breida?
1-Matthew Stafford, even against difficult matchups should stick. He has proven himself with Golladay and Marvin to bring you at least low-end QB1 numbers.
2- Samuels can do it all. The Steelers don’t hurt while Conner is out because Samuels runs the ball well and catches plenty of passes out of the backfield. Role with Jaylen. Breida will split with Coleman and it’s a toss up who gets the usage week in week out.
Who do i start at Flex? (non-PPR league)
Z. Pascal, M. Gallup, T. Boyd or K. Drake?
I keep harping on Pascal. I like him a lot this week. Gallup is higher in my rankings and he remains consistent while Prescott lights DEFs up. Boyd has struggled on and off, and Drake should be behind DJ, or at least a split for this first week. Go with Gallup

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