Thursday, November 14, 2019

DILEMMAS WEEK 11 (Start/Sit)

by Matt Kuri @MKuriFF

Another week of Fantasy Football, another week of Start/Sit dilemmas!
I have got you covered. In this edition, we have questions about Brian Hill, Deebo Samuel, Devon Singletary, Kyler Murray, Nick Foles, Christian Kirk, Zach Pascal, Tevin Coleman, and many more!
Thank you to all that got your questions in and if you have any more scenarios you are mulling over do not hesitate to hit us up @FantasyAnalyze 

Jimmy G or Winston? Since Wilson is on bye?
Bears or Jets defense? Or colts defense?
Winston has given QB1 numbers the last 3 weeks (19.84, 20.20, 20,23). Jameis and the Bucs are facing the Saints this week and will be forced to put up numbers. Jimmy G is all over the place the last few weeks (14, 28.88, 9.52). I expect the Niners to continue to lean on their running game and would not bet that Jimmy gets more than 15 points, even against this Arizona defense. Winston is your guy.
This shouldn’t be a question with the Bears coming into the season as the #1 option, sadly they do not look like the 2018 Bears anymore. The Colts have been the most consistent of these options, even though Jets have the upside which has gotten them over 15 three times this season. Outside of those stellar performances, they have gotten 6 or less 6 times this season. Go with Colts.
start Phillip Lindsay or McKissic? McKissic is proj like .8 more
The reason this is a question is that Ty Johnson is OUT, McKissic should see the lion’s share 😉. Paul Perkins will be worked in and the coaching staff has yet to solidify this crippled backfield. It will be a split like the one the Lindsay is apart of. I will trust Lindsay who still produces well when he gets on the field compared to McKissic who did not impress in his role last week with 3.6 yards per carry. Lindsay has only been under 10 points in PPR 2 times this season, I will happily start him in a role that should see him getting receptions out of the backfield.
Gurley v Chicago, Singletary v Miami, or Edelman v Phili? Pick 2
Gurley has only displayed a high floor the last three weeks and nothing much beyond that. However, this matchup against the Bears puts him in line to get plenty of work with limited upside since they don’t seem to want to give him the ball enough. Singletary, as well is in line for a heavy workload and should be able to make things happen against this Miami defense. Edelman will back in the low-end WR1 area and should be a must-start against this Philly DEF. Go with Edelman and Singletary.
Starting Diggs or Deebo. We know who is usually higher, but Diggs has been very pedestrian and is facing a tough D this week. Deebo is not playing a great D and if Sanders and Kittle don’t go he’s going to get them targets!
In a sense, you have already answered your question. Deebo has rising fantasy value as Kittle has been official posted as OUTR for week 11 while Emmanuel as I write this has not practiced. I don’t like his chances to play and even if he does could be limited in this one. Diggs is a high ceiling-low floor option that makes him risky this week. I would be comfortable going with Deebo. I expect his production rise and he’s shown the ability to handle the target share.

16 team PPR.... Pick 2. Kenny Golladay, Keenan Allen, Terry McLaurin, & Deebo Samuel
Both Keenan Allen and Kenny Golladay are in a similar boom or bust category. Keenan Allen hasn’t done much since he opened the season as the #1 WR. His targets have been all over the place. Kenny will be without Stafford and in a tough matchup does not make him attractive either. Terry has been relegated to low-end WR3 and does not have a decent floor to be worth the boom he can display with Haskins in. Deebo out of the Kenny and Terry I like the most, he should have a guaranteed target load with Keenan Allen having a better floor and the targets to make something happen. Allen and Deebo.

Nick Foles or Kyler Murray
I am a huge Kyler Murray fan; he has been one of the most productive rookies I have seen a quite a while. I say this because a rookie, any rookie, against this Niners defense can’t be trusted. I would go with Foles, he has a great floor with the upside that is unknown as he starts for this team of decent receiving options. Roll the dice with Foles.

1. Hill or Coleman (PPR)
2. Marvin Jones, Kirk, or Sanu (pick 1). 🙏🏻
Hill and Coleman is one that I would be stuck on myself. With Breida likely not to play this week it would slide Coleman into a heavy workload. Hill finds himself as one of the top waiver adds and he deserves it with how he performed last week. Coleman will be more trustworthy and has RB1 upside with the majority role.
Marvin has shown some great games this season but with Stafford out, I would not start him. Christian Kirk falls in line with what I was talking about with Kyler. This defense doesn’t play games and will be able to get to Kyler early and often halting any upside Kirk possesses. Sanu has some sneaky upside as he and Brady have had a couple weeks together. I would bet that Sanu is the best out of these options knowing that all three have a low floor, Sanu has the upside due to matchup.

Tyrell W over Deebo, or Pascall? In standard this week?
I have been talking up Deebo this whole article and won’t stop here. Tyrell has gotten a total of 12.3 points in PPR the last two weeks but also can put up great numbers when he finds his way into the endzone. He doesn’t have much ability to get those deep passes or create much after the catch which seriously limits his upside. Pascal disappointed owners last week with Hoyer at QB, with Brissett coming back this week it brings back some upside to Pascal. It is tight between Deebo and Pascal….I would go Pascal if Brissett plays and Hilton is out, if not I would go Deebo if Kittle and Emmanuel Sanders are out. If Brissett is out and Sanders is out I would go Deebo.

10team PPR Flex
Jarvis, R. Woods or Drake 🧐
Robert Woods has been all over the place with targets all season, the last 4 weeks look like this 11,2,7,4. That inconsistency makes me lean away from Woods. With Kupp in the picture, Woods has limited usage and upside. Drake is in a split backfield, DJ has not looked good but its anyone’s guess how this backfield will play out. Jarvis, in PPR, has perhaps been the most consistent WR2 there is. His targets have been 10 or higher since the bye and that doesn’t look to stop this week. His floor and endzone targets make him a good option for your flex spot.

1- ppr, goedert or fant?
2- flex, need 1...Singletary, RoJo, McLaurin, Brian Hill?
1- Noah Fant has shown some upside and decent workload every week. I would lean him due to the matchup Goedert is facing.
2- Singletary is a solid RB2 with RB1 upside this week. Hill would be my second choice with the workload he is looking to get. RoJo needs to show that he is retaining the role with that costly fumble last in the game in week 10. McLaurin is a risky one with some upside if Haskins finds him over and over, I don’t like the odds though. Singletary is your guy.

HalfPPR: Mixon (at oak) Damien Williams (at LAC) RoJo (vs NO) Lindsay (at Min) Sutton (at Min) Kirk (at SF) Three start, who??
Brandon Allen has not been a downgrade for Sutton as he has leaned on Courtland. Damien has seemed to carve a viable role in the backfield and looks to continue to be productive against the Chargers. Kirk’s matchup is not great and would start him unless I have to. RoJo, as I have mentioned lost that fumble which brings the split back up between him and Peyton Barber. I like Mixon, Damien, and Courtland.

Chark, Mclaurin, Mack, Coleman, Singletary: need 2 from 5! PPR
Chark is here and there with fantasy production. I don’t trust him this week. McLaurin, as I have mentioned, has a low floor and some upside which is not encouraged to trust. Mack has seen consistent volume all season but hasn’t been consistent with any TDs, with only three on the season. Coleman will get a heavy workload this week and they should run through him. And Singletary has a generous matchup and usage that puts him in the must-start arena. Singletary and Coleman

M. Gallup, K. Drake or Curtis Samuels?
Non-PPR (standard) league
Curtis Samuel over the last couple weeks has been a viable flex since he has gotten into the endzone. TDs are difficult to trust. Gallup is in the same boat but has a good upside matchup against the Lions. Drake will be unpredictable as that split and usage will be questionable. I like Gallup this week.

need a 1 WR/1 Flex out of
DJ Chark, Michael Gallup, Tevin Coleman, Jamison Crowder
DJ Chark hit another snag last week which puts his starting fantasy spot in question. Tevin will have an increased role this week and Gallup will continue in that WR2 spot. Crowder has put together a couple of decent weeks and is a bit riskier than Gallup with more of an upside. My picks are Coleman and Crowder with Gallup if you’d rather have a consistent floor option.

Hunt or JuJu 0.5 PPR
JuJu will only put up startable numbers if he finds his way into the endzone, which hasn’t happened for two weeks. JuJu has a total of 60 yards receiving over the last two weeks and won’t be reliable this week. Hunt, right off the bat found yardage and his role in the receiving game to fantasy owners delight. Hunt is kind of the defacto WR3 with great usage down low. I like Hunt.

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